Quality in Every Stroke

Painting is a true art and it requires dedication to deliver truly exceptional results. Our painters exercise patience when they're on the job. They take the time to diligently strip and prepare surfaces to produce immaculate finishes. The most important part of painting is knowing how to prepare the work surface. After that, it all comes down to quality of materials and application technique. We have all three. 

Attention to Detail

Our carpenters have spent a minimum of 10 years in the field honing their skills. True tradesmen are a rare breed and we're proud to say we have a few at Harris Painting & Repair. Whether you want custom countertops or a new wall put up, our remodel experts are the best in Houston. Every wood joint is perfectly mitred, every frame is squared and all our levels are true. Don't settle for anything less. The quality is in the finish work.