Spring is an ideal time to paint your home since the weather is nice and the job won’t be interrupted by storms. However, for most homeowners, the real issue is how much a paint job is going to cost in terms of time and money – now what time of year is best for the painters.

While the cost of a paint job can vary there are some basic rules that can help you understand. It’s also important to remember that a good paint job makes your home more valuable if you do decide to sell or get an appraisal, so don’t skimp and cut corners to save a few bucks.

Know the Cost

The cost of a paint job really depends on the size of the home being painted. However, as a general rule of thumb an average 1,500 square foot home will likely cost about $2,000 to $3,000 to paint in terms of labor.

A home of that size will also require a considerable amount of paint, which can vary wildly per gallon – anywhere from a few dollars to over $50 for premium paints and unique colors. You can generally paint about 200 square feet with a gallon of paint, so estimating your total paint cost shouldn't be too hard if you know how big your home is.

An interior paint job will generally cost less than an exterior paint job. Typically that means about 15% to 20% less in terms of labor and the amount of paint needed.

Save Your Money

Even if your home doesn't need a paint job right now, putting some money aside in a ‘repair fund’ or special bank account is likely a wise idea. In most areas you can get away with having your home painted about once every five to six years.

With the average paint job costing between $2,500 and $4,000 for labor and supplies, you’ll want to save about $60 per month so you won’t be in for a shock down the road.

Prepare Your Home

Before a painting crew shows up you’ll need to spend a little bit of time getting your home ready. Some things they will do – like taping up your floors so they won’t get covered with paint – but there are things you need to do on your own.

Outside, make sure you move all pieces of furniture and accessories. That means everything from barbecue grills to lawn furniture and kids toys.

You’ll want to do the same thing inside your home – moving the furniture away from the area that needs to be painted. You’ll also want to remove curtains and pieces of art so they won’t become splashed with paint or get in the crew’s way.

However there are some paint companies that will do all the preparing for you, you just need to do the research.  

Having your home’s interior or exterior painted is a great way to boost its value and make your space more enjoyable for you. It can be costly and time consuming, but it is well worth the effort.

If you can, you might even want to plan a vacation or fun activities during the day with your family when a painting crew is at your house. Have a friend check in on your place and keep your phone handy, but don’t sit and stress over something so routine. You hired pro’s for a reason.

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