It seems like these days, everyone and their mother has remodeled or renovated in some shape or form.  And, why not?  It can make your living situation more comfortable (two bathrooms is a huge step up for a family of five), it can increase the value of your property, and it can make your house the envy of your block.  

However, remodeling is no easy feat.  It’s a difficult process to do on your own, which is why many people hire home renovation companies to help them get the job done.  

That said, not all home renovation companies are a good thing -- you’re going to have to do a little vetting to find your perfect match.  Read on for tips!

What makes a good home renovation company?

  • Qualifications
    Good home renovation companies and contractors should have good qualifications -- the National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI) offers four distinct types of certification.  Make certain your renovation company is certified before hiring them!  As only full-time, professional remodeling contractors who have been in the business for a minimum of five years are eligible for certification through NARI -- so you can be sure that they are well-experienced and serious about what they do.
  • Safety
    Safety is another key ingredient when it comes to remodeling.  You don’t want your new and improved house to be falling apart on you.  Finding a qualified and well-recommended company will help make sure that safety guidelines are followed to a T.

How do I find a reputable home renovation company?

  • Ask around
    As with dentists, doctors, and tutors, word of mouth is one of the most straightforward methods with which to find a good home renovation company.  Ask around -- and do a little research while you’re at it.  Do you have any friends who have recently remodeled?  Most likely, yes (even if you don’t you probably have a friend of a friend who has).  Narrow down your list of friends and acquaintances who have had recent work done to the people whose homes you really like and admire.  Who got the best deal?  Who got the best quality work done?  Who got their work done the most quickly?  These are all questions you should take into consideration as you begin your research.
  • Check reviews
    If you don’t know anyone who’s recently remodeled, all is not lost: luckily, these days customer reviews are there for the picking all over the World Wide Web.  Sites like Yelp can give you a comprehensive and (mostly) unbiased idea of what you’ll get.  And hey -- you might go in looking at one company, and find the local favorite through your researching!  Most online reviews will give you a more objective opinion than you might find in a magazine or other resources, because they generally come directly from customers.

With a little research, you’re well on your way to feeling confident in your choice of home renovation company.  And once you’ve selected your home renovation company?  Well, next stop is your dream home!