The walls are the structure, the bones, of your home and the colors used to decorate those bones can significantly impact the semblance and character of your home. One color scheme may create a modern appearance, while another can create a feeling of tranquility.

The color schemes used within your home will not only affect the style of your home, but can also have an impact on your mood. Known as ‘color psychology‘, specific colors are shown to have differing effects on one’s mood and state of mind.

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To create a specific look and feel in your home, we have outlined some basic color schemes that will help in determining the most suitable choices for you and your family.

Cool and Calming:

If your goal is to create a zen-like feeling in your home, you are going to want to choose a color scheme that incorporates cool colors. Blues, greens and purples are considered the cool colors and are known for their ability to have a calming effect.

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The color blue is thought of as a peaceful color. It can instantly make you feel calm and more at peace. As one of the most prominent colors in nature, green helps to create a feeling of rejuvenation and renewal. While purple blends together the calmness of blue and the energy associated with red, creating a feeling of serenity.

When creating a cool and calming environment, choose light, subdued hues of these colors. Not only will they foster a sense of peace in your surroundings, they will also help open up a room to make it seem more spacious. These colors are most commonly found in bedrooms and bathrooms.

Warm and Energizing:

Make your home warm and inviting with red, orange and yellow hues. These colors are known for their energizing effect and promote a sense of togetherness and harmony.

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The color red is naturally energizing; it is powerful, passionate and stimulating. Orange has a similar effect but in a more subtle and subdued fashion. It can help stimulate feelings of warmth and happiness, while yellow is thought to be a happy and uplifting color.

To create a modern, yet warm look, stick with the brighter shades of these colors, and for a more relaxing, yet still stimulating effect, opt for reds, oranges and yellows that have cool undertones. These colors are great choices for common areas, such as living rooms, kitchens and dining rooms.

Black and White:

Not colors, but shades, black and white are great choices for creating a neutral palette, while also infusing a sense of modern sophistication. Black and white have a monochromatic effect that work very well in achieving a modern design.

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This color scheme also serves as an excellent backdrop for infusing pops of colors, as virtually any color can be paired with a black and white themed room.


To create a soft, open, airy and romantic look, a pastel color scheme will be your best option. Pastels are infused with white, softening their impact, and generating an open, airy and romantic atmosphere.

The color schemes used in your home can have a huge impact on the look and feel of the space. Paint is the foundation in making your house come alive and in cultivating an environment that will nurture a safe and loving place to call home.